2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Kia Optima in West Burlington Iowa

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2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Kia Optima

The 2019 Honda Accord is a remarkable new automobile from this incredible Japanese manufacturer. As far as the aesthetics of the Honda Accord is concerned, some good news is available and this news seems to indicate that this Accord is more attractive than its rivals. Free of vibration, the new Accord exhibits unparalleled operational silence.

The new style of the 2019 Honda Accord, whose shape remains almost unchanged, abandons the overall style of the past and this Accord now has a manner that is more harmonized with the color of the bodywork that has previously surrounded it. The driving position deserves nothing but praise, and everything is entirely within reach. This upgrade of the Accord family is accompanied by a slight reshaping of the shields, grille, and some minor alterations in the interior.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda Accord Overview

So, if we compare the new Accord from Honda for 2019 to the new Kia from Optima for 2019, then we shall see that the Accord is a car that has a much more attractive exterior than the Optima. The drawbacks of the Kia are evidenced by the following: the essential commodities straight out of the manufacturer's component bank, the ventilation holes in the design without any research, the overly narrow seatbacks of the front seats, and the seat belt fastening handles that take us back 20 years. After generating public interest by unveiling its plans for the next few years, Honda has returned to the forefront with the 2019 Accord.

Without six-cylinder or diesel engines, the new Accord still knows how to enhance itself. So this automobile is always ready to go fast. One of its best assets continuies to be its fuel consumption, which stands at a low level and remains better than that of its main competitors. In the cabin, the atmosphere is solemn and high-tech.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda Accord Exterior

In this respect, this forward-thinking manufacturer knows how to please motorists. The new I4 K20C4 2.0-liter turbo engine is enjoyable and has the advantage of remaining fuel-efficient. This latest Accord from Honda for 2019 has, without doubt, one of the most refined engines of the moment--anodyne on the outside and generous on the inside.

This Honda Accord follows the Civic's lines. With its V-shaped dashboard in the middle and carbon-like veneers on the center console, the Accord offers an interesting interpretation. Well placed on its long wheelbase and 17-inch wheels, the Accord appearance matches its splendid performance on the road. 

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda Accord Interior


Honda's talented engineers left nothing to chance with the new Accord from Honda for 2019. With its shorter gearbox, ideal for taking full advantage of the mechanical potential, the price difference between the Accord and its rivals is minimal. The headroom and knee room at the rear is also evident.

In both cases, the width of the car has increased significantly, which benefits the occupants, especially those with wider shoulders. The sizeable primary screen makes navigating easier on the eyes, and it's easy to pair a phone with the car's Bluetooth kit.

Now that we've compared some of the differences between the 2019 Honda Accord and the 2019 Kia Optima, the Accord is decidedly superior to the 2019 Kia Optima. If you'd like to see and experience the 2019 Honda Accord for yourself, you should talk with the knowledgeable professionals at our organization in West Burlington Iowa near Iowa City Davenport Des Moines. The Accord’s fantastic cabin atmosphere is much the same as in the previous version.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda Accord Mechanical

With their proven variable valve timing system, the engines deliver remarkable brilliance at high revs, and flexibility at low revs. With its weight and the gearbox's fuel-efficient tiering, the Accord's performance is first-rate. The presence of paddles behind the steering wheel make it easier to change gears, and this dynamic system does not lack responsiveness.

In an attempt to compete with--and even surpass--other prestigious cars on the market, the new Honda Accord for 2019 gains an endearing and spontaneous character based on simplicity, which improves on that of previous generations. Honda has added other tasteful details such as exotic woods and white background dials. A collision avoidance system, an adaptive cruise control, and a lane support platform are also part of the new package for the Accord.

The low sound level in the passenger compartment is another crucial element, along with the shape of the walls in the trunk, which makes it easier to load cargo in the Accord. The 2019 Honda Accord skillfully combines the best of different styles.

Now that you've had a chance to read more about some of the pros and cons of the 2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Kia Optima, you might agree that the Accord is a better choice than the 2019 Kia Optima. Also, because you have learned more data about this Accord, you should converse with our associates in West Burlington Iowa. Check out the 2019 Honda Accord for yourself, near Iowa City Davenport Des Moines, today.

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