2019 Honda HR-V vs 2020 Kia Soul in West Burlington Iowa

2019 Honda HR-V vs 2020 Kia Soul in West Burlington IowaView Inventory

2019 Honda HR-V vs 2020 Kia Soul

Honda positions its HR-V at a relatively high level: the power ratings are above average, and the standard equipment level is also above average (automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth connection, and heated seats from the first trim level). As you may have seen mentioned elsewhere, this Honda SUV deserves five stars for its interior space. Remember, it is also necessary to put the low price for the new HR-V from Honda for 2019 into perspective.

Nothing can stop it, and this sports utility vehicle offers drivers an excellent level of overall performance. Thanks to the central position of the tank, the front, and rear passengers enjoy a level of comfort worthy of the upper segment. Stylish and solemn, the HR-V's interior does inspire a frank cheerfulness.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda HR-V Overview

Hard plastics are very present, but their resistance over time is beyond doubt. One of the best things about this SUV is that this car was built to last. The HR-V is undoubtedly one of the most playful of the SUVs. Honda offers a choice of either a CVT automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. And then there's this trunk that announces a volume that is huge for the segment.

Equipped with a pleasant downward roofline, the HR-V has a real aesthetic personality. This HR-V is probably one of the most sporty or glamorous SUVs, and this HR-V is an ideal synthesis between the world of SUVs and that of vans. The atmosphere in the cabin, on the other hand, is typically Japanese, and its cabin is better than the cabin in the 2020 Kia Soul.

In the city, however, this transmission provides a great pleasure due to its ease of use. Today, customers want their cake and eat it too: from its market research, Honda understood that it had to make the future HR-V, an elegant vehicle close to a sedan, robust and safe like an SUV, but with the modularity and functionality of a van. The interior is well done, with everything in its place with a warm and robust finish, and with a particularly impressive level of overall charm. The 2020 Kia Soul, on the other hand, has a disappointing interior.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda HR-V Exterior

Meanwhile, our business has decided to focus on serving West Burlington Iowa City Davenport. Since you have presently discovered more regarding the pros and cons which we find out when we take a gander at the 2019 Honda HR-V vs 2020 Kia Soul, you should now grasp that the HR-V is better than the Soul. Additionally, since you have presently resolutely considered this 2019 Honda HR-V, the best thing for you to do now is to speak with our sales personnel in West Burlington Iowa.

More beautiful and better finished, this new version is essentially aesthetically pleasing, and the new HR-V is recognizable in particular by its subtly redesigned front panel. Modularity is also excellent, as usual at Honda, with the incredible rear bench seat, whose folding chair allows the transport of tall objects, while the folding front passenger seatback enables the transport of extended objects. This SUV is an excellent choice because its I4 R18Z9 1.8-liter is one of the best engines in its class: flexible and powerful; it provides dynamic performance to this small SUV.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda HR-V Interior


The seats hold the back very well, thanks to their multiple adjustments, and the driving position is also delightful. In the rear, passengers have superior knee room and unlimited headroom. All around the speedometer, colored LEDs indicate to the driver of this new Honda whether he is driving in an eco-responsible way.

Dynamically, the HR-V is also more engaging than its compatriots, with consistent steering and perfectly balanced damping that provides comfort without increasing the roll. In the rear, the HR-V offers a lot of space since the seats are spacious and comfortable, and the motorist’s legs do not hit the front seat’s backrest. Shared with the Civic and the CR-V, this 1.5 four-cylinder engine is reinforced by a turbo.

Flexible and linear, it is as comfortable at low rpm (no troughs from 1,500 rpm) as it is at full load, well served by an adequately stepped gearbox with a small lever that is very easy to operate. In terms of style, the car stands out and stands out from the rest. That said, the use of 7 simulated gears controlled by paddles attached to the steering wheel helps to contain unwanted engine rpm surges. And handling is made more accessible by the upgrades for the new HR-V from Honda for 2019.

West Burlington IA - 2019 Honda HR-V Mechanical

More precise and dynamic than the Civic, the HR-V still has well-calibrated steering and a chassis firm enough to limit or even eliminate roll. Well built, the interior of the HR-V does not lack fantasy. First launched at the end of 2013 in Japan under the name Vezel, the current Honda HR-V is now restyling itself. In the meantime, let's salute the work of Japanese engine manufacturers.

Besides that, since you have right now learned more about this 2019 Honda HR-V, the next thing for you to do is for you to converse with our employees in West Burlington Iowa. In the meantime, our business has chosen to fixate on serving West Burlington Iowa City Davenport. Since you have right now learned more concerning the positives and negatives which happen when we look at the 2019 Honda HR-V vs 2020 Kia Soul, you should now comprehend that the HR-V is superior to the Soul.

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