Take advantage before the new Illinois tax law takes effect January 1, 2020!

Take advantage before the New Illinois Tax Law takes effect January 1, 2020!

The time is NOW for you to contact Brad Deery Honda before the end of the year for a trade-in evaluation! Capitalize on your vehicle's value; it's worth more today than it will be Jan 1, 2020 when this new law takes place.

This law caps a customer's trade-in tax credit at $10,000 (previously unrestricted). See the below example how this will affect you:

Before Jan. 1   After Jan. 1  
New Car Price $35,000 New Car Price $35,000
Trade-In Tax Credit $20,000 Trade-In Tax Credit $10,000
Taxable Amount $15,000 Taxable Amount $25,000
Sales Tax $1,311 Sales Tax $2,185
    Difference +$874***
***Based on Dupage county sales tax (8.74%). Please refer to your counties sales tax.