2020 Honda Civic Head-To-Head Against Models Like the 2020 Toyota Corolla

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2020 Honda Civic Head-To-Head Against Models Like the 2020 Toyota Corolla

Brad Deery Honda – 2020 Honda Civic Head-To-Head Against Models Like the 2020 Toyota Corolla

The 2020 Honda Civic sedan was created to compete head-to-head against models like the 2020 Toyota Corolla. This year’s Civic came with a host of new features and a complete redesign in a virtual party of sedan dominance. Your Corolla remains fairly unchanged from in year’s past, leaving the new Civic to take the competition.

What features should you be especially excited about this year? Brad Deery Honda had trouble narrowing it down to just five features to tell you about, but we managed to do it. Here are five bold features on the new Civic that you should be ready to celebrate when you buy one of these this year in West Burlington, Iowa.

The Civic’s new Road Departure Mitigation System is a world class driver-assist features that has no equal on the Corolla. When you’re veering out of your lane or departing your course, the new Civic is capable of adjusting steering, braking, and even acceleration in a full program to get you back on track.

Not looking forward to winter driving in your sedan? Well, when you’ve got a Civic, you get heated seating for not just your front passengers, but also your outboard rear passengers. If only every automaker in the world would remember that there are 5 people in a sedan and all of them deserve to be warm and toasty during cold months.

The one-touch power moonroof gives you a Civic with a crisp view of the outdoors, and we all know just how much the power option increases the value of your moonroof options. With just a click of a button, you can smell the fresh air of the outdoors and appreciate the view as well.

On cold days, you’ll be in good hands with a 2020 Civic that is capable of remote start. Grab your smartphone and control your Civic from the comforting confines of your home before starting out for the day. You’ll never have to brave the cold weather again (unless it’s to go hop in your fully heated Civic).

Finally, we’re especially impressed with the Civic’s power this year. Thanks to a robust 174 horsepower powertrain, we’ve finally got the more imposing Civic we’ve always want. It’s the ideal powertrain on both power and efficiency, by far combining the two for the greatest power and fuel economy for you smart, frugal minded shoppers out there.

And those are just the first five features we could narrow down for you. There’s so much more to the Civic than these 5 features! Learn all about Civic trims and amenities now.

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